Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tutu Epiphany

Y'all, I can't even begin to tell you how stupid I feel right now. I just had a revelation... that apparently Hubby already knew. And, in this case, that is S-A-D. Ok, so I love dressing the Little Missy in those little tutus you can buy at Target or Walmart. Those are the cutest things and she loves twirling in them. But whenever I've tried to make them, she can only get a single wear out of them before they get scrunched and dirty and nasty. And I DID NOT GET IT! I could not find a single tutorial that ever mentioned that happening. Ever. So for nearly three years, I thought I was just buying the wrong kind of tulle. So I gave up tutu making. I buy them instead. Until... until I just happened to randomly see a tutorial on Pinterest for a CHIFFON skirt. CHIFFON, y'all! So I got all worked up and excited and bounced over to Hubby to tell him about this amazing epiphany I just had. "Yeah... I know, Sweet Thing." "What?" "I already knew it was chiffon. You didn't?" "NO! Why didn't you tell me me?!" "I guess I didn't think about it." Gah! I love that man. Maybe he should be the one doing this. Since he obviously is more attuned to tutu fabric than me. Chiffon, y'all.

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